Welcome to Ace Motorcycle Training. Our motorcycle school only employs government approved instructors to give you the best bike training possible. With over 30 years experience as riders and 10 years as trainers we have the ability to make motorcycle lessons fun, informative and most importantly as safe as possible.

Whatever type of motorcycle or scooter you want to ride, we have a motorcycle course to suit you. To be eligible to attend you must have a provisional motorcycle licence, cat 'A' for motorcycle, cat 'P' for moped, if your licence was issued after 19th January the moped category will be marked 'AM'. These will be found on your UK provisional licence or full uk car licence paper counterpart, you can obtain an application form for your licence from the post office or by clicking here



Here is a brief description of the services provided by Ace Motorcycle Training. More information can be found using the links on the left.

1 - Compulsory Basic Training Also known as CBT, this validates your provisional entitlement and is a legal requirement for every new rider.
2 - Restricted Cat 'A1' After a CBT why not take the government motorcycle test, at 16 yrs old this would be on a moped and from 17 years old on a 125cc geared motorbike or a 125cc automatic scooter
3 - Standard Cat 'A2' If you are 19 or over take your test on a motorcycle with an engine of at least 395cc with power output between 33bhp (25kw) and 46.6bhp (35kw)
4- Direct Access Cat 'A' To ride a motorcycle of unlimited power.You must take your test on a motorcycle of at least 595cc and with at least 53.6 bhp (40kw)of power.
To be eligible you must be 24 years old or have had a full A2 licence for two years
5- Motorcycle Theory test booking service A theory is required for full licence courses but not for a CBT

To arrange your motorcycle course or CBT you can email

our Booking office or telephone your local office

You can Find us at


Direct Access / CBT

188 Kingston Road



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0208 393 6344



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Tony Edge National Centre

Heron Lake

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Unit 21 The Courtyard

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Gray court School

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Amy Johnson centre

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